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About Us

NetworkArt was founded to pursue a vision to change the engagement model between Network Equipment Manufacturers and customers, and build solutions that both can rely on.

We exist because we believe – Putting network equipment manufacturers on the same page with customers helps in efficient resolution of service and support requests. SupportVantage is the result of our belief.

Our goal is to help the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) / Customer Support Group Engineers, Sustenance Engineers and Research & Development team, solve customer issues efficiently.

NetworkArt team is comprised of highly talented professionals who have a proven track record in building highly scalable network products and solutions for enterprises, data centers and service providers. Problems, defects and issues reported by customers opened our eyes to new deployment scenarios or feature combinations or usage or scale that we hadn’t implemented or tested. During our tenure in the industry, we have improved customer perception of support capabilities. Improved customer relationships led to continuous and incremental revenue possibilities.

Leadership Team

Guruprasad Nagaraj
Guruprasad NagarajDirector & Founder
Guruprasad is responsible for the overall strategy and execution. Prior to founding NetworkArt he worked in the marketing and engineering functions at Extreme Networks. At Extreme Networks, he led the software product line management and was responsible for developing software strategy and solution roadmaps. In the past, he has worked at Cavium Networks, Turin Networks, Avici Systems, IronBridge Networks.
Ramachandra K.B.S
Ramachandra K.B.SDirector
Ram is responsible for all technology initiatives, design and architecture of solutions. He has over 29 years of experience across different roles, areas and geographies. He co-founded Merit Systems and proKosha Systems, where he led the design and development of business messaging, collaboration and service assurance platforms for enterprises and data-centers. In the past, he has worked at ORG Systems, Tata Unisys and Oracle Corporation.