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Our goal to put the Network Equipment Manufacturer (NEM) on the same page with the Managed Services Provider (MSP) made us design and engineer a solution that both Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Engineer and network administrators can rely on.

In order to debug a network or device problem, TAC engineers and network administrators require basic information about devices and network. In addition to basic network and device information, TAC engineers also required detailed information such as state of ports, links, protocols and services, Layer2 Forwarding DataBase, Routing Information Base (RIB), Layer3 Forwarding Information Base (FIB).

SupportVantage automatically collects detailed information from the network and analyzes different information sets to help network administrators and TAC engineers to resolve issues efficiently.

SupportVantage empowers you, the network administrators and engineers, with detailed information that helps you –

  • Understand the state of your  network

  • Understand the issues in the network

  • Troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently

  • Have informed and productive conversations with NEMs about the issues you are facing

  • Collaborate with NEMs and reduce issue or defect resolution time

  • Ensure high network uptime and business continuity for your organization


Multiple customers, customer locations and sites

SupportVantage provides a single pane of network and service management for multiple customer support teams.

Network and Event Visualization

Get the most accurate picture of what is happening in your customer’s network

Collaborate with Network Equipment Manufacturer (NEM)

Easily share device and network information with your NEMs and vendors

You are on a support call with your network equipment vendor and the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) engineer is asking you to provide device logs, SNMP events, diagnostics results, configuration changes and other information that will help her or him debug the issue. SupportVantage provides a single pane to help you gather and share required information with ease.

  • Reduce time taken to gather and compile information required by TAC engineers

  • SupportVantage helps you focus on the problem and business continuity

Analyze issue patterns

One click to look at patterns of problems and issues across devices in the network.

A number of Layer2 and Layer3 protocols are in play across devices in a network. Manifestation of a bug or issue might be different in different devices depending on their role in the network or where they are placed (Edge / Distribution / Core). However, patterns of these issues emerge over a period of time. Advanced correlation techniques in SupportVantage help you in quickly recognizing these patterns across the network.

  • Reduce time to recognize problems / issue patterns

  • Quickly drill down to issues in a particular device or protocol or module

Recognize known issues and failures quickly

SupportVantage helps in quickly recognizing hardware failures, and failures arising out of configuration mistakes. For e.g. a Fan failure could be one of the causes for failed hardware diagnostics. Wouldn’t it help if you were to notice this quickly? You could then focus on hardware failures instead of troubleshooting a gamut of options from hardware to software to protocols.

Other common causes of software issues in network devices are configuration mistakes. SupportVantage helps you notice configuration mistakes quickly so that you can focus your troubleshooting on changes in configuration.

  • Reduce time and costs to resolve known issues published by NEMs

Focus on the issue

Multi dimension debugging without clutter

We re-imagined the way a network administrator could debug an issue. The result is the ability to filter and noise, and to be able to focus on the issue in dimensions of Time, Device / Hardware, and Software.

SupportVantage helps you drill down to the problem based on when they occurred , where in the network they occurred, and which software (protocols, features, libraries, etc.) modules reported the issue.

  • Reduce time taken to drill down to the root cause of network issues

Protocol Analysis

Analyze behavior of protocols across network

A number of Layer2 and Layer3 protocols work together across devices in a network.

SupportVantage helps you visualize protocol events, state changes and behavior across the network.


Collaborate and debug with your team members

SupportVantage helps you collaborate with your fellow team members in real time when you debug network issues. Your team members can add comments to network events and devices.

  • Get critical inputs from peers to understand the root cause of the issue

  • Collaboration helps reduce time to analyze and resolve support requests

Contextual Awareness

Easier to access known issues in hardware and software releases

SupportVantage helps you contextualize the problem and utilize workarounds published by the NEM.

  • Proactively plan for workarounds and ensure availability of network services which are critical for the business

  • Reduce outages and ensure high network uptime for your business and users


SupportVantage MSP Edition comprises of the following components.

SupportVantage MSP Edition is available as a service, and for deployments that are managed by MSPs (On-Premise).

Operating System Requirements

Operating System, Release / Version Architecture
CentOS 7 i386 (32-bit)
CentOS 7 x86_64 (64-bit)
CentOS 6.5 and above i386 (32-bit)
CentOS 6.5 and above x86_64 (64-bit)

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Processor Intel Core i5 / Intel Core i7 / Intel Xeon 2+ GHz CPU
Free space on disk 80GB

Operating System Requirements

Operating System, Release / Version Architecture
CentOS 7 i386 (32-bit)
CentOS 7 x86_64 (64-bit)
CentOS 6.5 and above i386 (32-bit)
CentOS 6.5 and above x86_64 (64-bit)

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Processor Intel Core i5 / Intel Core i7 / Intel Xeon 2+ GHz CPU
Free space on disk 10GB