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Our goal to put the NEM on the same page with the customer made us design and engineer a solution that both the TAC engineer and the customer can rely on. We reimagined every element, process and aspect that goes towards service request resolution, and how to make it simpler and efficient. The result of our belief is SupportVantage.

  • Customers can easily share issues and network information with TAC

  • TAC engineers can easily consume information from customers, analyze and resolve service requests quickly

  • SupportVantage does all the hard work for you, so you can focus on the customer and the business value

Change the customer engagement

From, firing a list of questions to a customer in distress

To, proactively analyzing the network and events, engaging and resolving customer issues efficiently; thereby building confidence and trust.


Network / Device Information and Correlation

The key to debugging network problems or hardware or software issues is to start with the right information.

SupportVantage makes it easy for you to gather or collect the right information from the customer and their network. We took it one step further – SupportVantage automatically correlates multiple sets of information and different types of information such as – output of show tech-support, Syslog events, SNMP events, diagnostics results, etc. The result of the advanced correlation techniques is coherent and structured network information that can be used troubleshoot issues efficiently.

  • Reduce time and costs for collecting the right information from the customer

  • Eliminate manual tasks of collating multiple information sets

  • Start troubleshooting within minutes

Network and Event Visualization

  • Get the most accurate and detailed picture of what happened in the customer’s network

Analyze Issue Patterns

One click to look at patterns of problems and issues across devices in the network

A number of Layer2 and Layer3 protocols are in play across devices in a network. Manifestation of a bug or issue might be different in different devices depending on their role in the network or where they are placed (Edge / Distribution / Core). However, patterns of bugs and issues do emerge over a period of time. Advanced correlation techniques in SupportVantage make it possible for you to quickly recognize these patterns across the network.

  • Reduce time to recognize problems / issue patterns

  • Quickly drill down to issues in a particular device or protocol or module

Recognize Failures Quickly

Recognize known issues and failures quickly

SupportVantage makes it easy for you to recognize hardware failures, and issues arising out of configuration mistakes. For e.g. a Fan failure could be one of the causes for failed hardware diagnostics. Wouldn’t it help if you were to notice this quickly? You could then focus on hardware failures instead of troubleshooting a gamut of options from hardware to software to protocols.

Other common causes of software issues in network devices are configuration mistakes. SupportVantage helps you notice configuration mistakes quickly so that you can focus your troubleshooting on changes in configuration.

  • Reduce time taken to resolve known issues

Focus On The Issue

Multi dimension debugging without clutter

We re-imagined the way a TAC engineer could debug a network issue. The result is the ability to filter noise, and to be able to focus on the issue in dimensions of Time, Device / Hardware and Software.

SupportVantage helps you drill down to the problem based on when they occurred in the network, where in the network (devices) they occurred, and which software (protocols, features, libraries, etc.) modules reported the events.

  • Reduce time taken to comprehend what the customer is reporting

Protocol Analysis

Analyze behavior of protocols across network

A number of Layer2 and Layer3 protocols work together across devices in a network.

SupportVantage helps you visualize protocol events, state changes and behavior across the network.


Collaborate and debug with personnel across functions

SupportVantage helps you collaborate with engineers in real time when you debug service requests by customers. Personnel across functions can add comments to network events, devices, log files, and other information shared by customers.

  • Get critical inputs from peers to understand the root cause of the issue

  • Collaboration helps reduce time to analyze and resolve service requests

Contextual Awareness

Wouldn’t it be helpful if known issues in hardware and software releases were available easily, especially when you are engaged with a customer?

SupportVantage makes it easy for you to access known issues in hardware and software releases. This helps you contextualize the problem and provide workarounds quickly so that the customer does not have to experience network outages and downtime.

  • Build confidence in customers by providing workarounds to issues

Defect and Data Analytics

Insights and statistics to help you make informed decisions

SupportVantage mines information (logs, events, diagnostics results, SNMP traps, configuration files, etc.) across service requests to provide critical insights for every function in the NEM organization.

  • Engineering can use insights to design reliable and scalable solutions

  • Services / TAC can use insights to plan for skill upgrades, training and proactively plan for support for new hardware and software releases

  • Marketing can use the insights to envision new features and solutions that can help the company offer unique and differentiated solutions


SupportVantage benefits every function in an NEM organization, and helps you make a positive impact in your customer’s business.

  • Real time analysis of network state and advisory helps your customers manage critical situations and reduce network outages and downtime

  • Reduced defect resolution time helps build customer confidence and trust

  • Help customers make better network infrastructure and network management decisions


SupportVantage NEM Edition is available as a service, and for deployments that are managed by the NEM (On-Premise).

Operating System Requirements

Operating System, Release / Version Architecture
CentOS 7 i386 (32-bit)
CentOS 7 x86_64 (64-bit)
CentOS 6.5 and above i386 (32-bit)
CentOS 6.5 and above x86_64 (64-bit)

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Processor Intel Core i5 / Intel Core i7 / Intel Xeon 2+ GHz CPU
Free space on disk 80GB